Frauscher - 757 St. Tropez


The Steyr Motors Betriebs M1 Monoblock engines have been developed without compromise for the most selective markets, ambient conditions and operational profiles. Our strategy was to select the most durable heavy duty materials for the core engine and to design the whole surroundings in light weight materials, compact and without "ad-on"- compromises. For this we have chosen

- Monoblock from special alloy
- Mechanical Unit injectors, electronically controlled with injection pressures up to 2000 bar
- Oil pan as a lower sound encapsulation, carries all auxiliaries and reduces noise and vibration

 All of these together with the experience of our highly skilled Engineers resulted in

- lowest weight in the class ( less 1,2 kg / HP )
- unrivalled compact dimensions
- highest power density ( up to 92 HP / lt.)
- lowest fuel & oil consumption
- on top in reliability & operational safety

Learn more about the Steyr Motors Betriebs M1 multi fuel capability.

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