Steyr-Puch Revival at Globetrotter-Rodeo

The OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo, an Austrian festival and fair for travel and off-road, reunites two former companies of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch group: STEYR MOTORS and S-TEC. In a joint development, two famous all-terrain vehicles Puch G and Pinzgauer have been revived. These legends are presented with a brand-new, state-of-the-art re-power pack from August 26-28 at the OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo at the Erzberg in Eisenerz/Austria.

69 exhibitors take part in the OTA Globetrotter-Rodeo, among them two companies that share a long history. Once part of the famous Steyr-Daimler-Puch group of companies, today STEYR MOTORS is an independent successor company of the engine division, globally renowned as a specialist in diesel engines and hybrid propulsion, whereas S-TEC originates from the customer service department and offers services for passionate owners of off-road vehicles. In cooperation, the two legendary vehicles Puch G and Pinzgauer have now been revived with a special Re-Power Pack.  

Although the design of both all-terrain vehicles is already around 40 years old, they are still highly popular for their reliability and extraordinary durability. These world-famous all-rounders gained cult status among off-road-fans for their amazing qualities as expedition and daily-use vehicles. STEYR MOTORS as well as S-TEC share the passion for these two ATVs and thus developed a state-of-the-art Re-Power Pack to keep them going while also ensuring highest efficiency and best performance. The Re-Power Pack features:

  • - a 4-cylinder diesel engine (110 kW/150 HP)
  • - advanced common rail technology
  • - a robust Monoblock design with excellent water-cooling
  • - updated and optimized engine controls, electrics, cooling system,
      transmission/gearbox, fuel system, exhaust gas system and
      combustion air system
  • - highest efficiency for larger driving ranges and/or less fuel consumption
  • - improved performance and best power-to-weight ratio

For more details and hands-on experiences, the very first model of a Pinzgauer with the brand-new Re-Power Pack is exhibited at the Globetrotter-Rodeo from August 26-28 at the S-TEC booth.

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