STEYR MOTORS wins US-A-BIZ-Award 2016

STEYR MOTORS is delighted about being awarded the WirtschaftsOskar 2016.

Annually in parallel with the huge Oscar event in Hollywood the Austrian Trade Commission Los Angeles awards Austrian companies for their outstanding achievements in the U.S. market. This year, STEYR MOTORS was awarded the US-A-BIZ-Award, the so-called ‘WirtschaftsOskar’, in the category Spectacular for the successful acquisition of a 5-years contract with the Navy for powering 7m RIBs with STEYR 6-cylinder engines.

„Bringing the excellent but often unknown achievements of individual companies in the ultra-competitive U.S. market on the red carpet is the goal of the US-A-BIZ-Award, the so-called WirtschaftsOskar for outstanding performance of Austrian companies in the U.S.”, says Rudolf Thaler, Austrian Trade Commissioner in Los Angeles.

Essential requirements to win this award are innovative strength, competitiveness and dedication to customer needs. The shining winners of the WirtschaftsOskar 2016 were announced just days before the big event in Hollywood and after they had clearly proven their performance on and commitment to U.S. market: STEYR MOTORS in the category ‘Spectacular’, EV Group in the category ‘Innovation’ and SKIDATA in the category ‘Market Penetration’.

STEYR MOTORS scored well with innovation and enduring commitment. After more than two years of development and customer-specific adaptions, the Austrian engine manufacturer won a 5-years contract of the Navy for powering the 7m rigid inflatable hull boats with STEYR engines. The company impressed the U.S. customer with flexibility, quality, customized systems and components to specific requirements as well as with an outstanding robustness and durability of the products. In the end, due to these excellent endeavors STEYR MOTORS excelled as the preferred partner and first choice even against big U.S. suppliers.

“We are very proud to be awarded with the WirtschaftsOskar 2016. This is a great honor and appreciation for our U.S. success, but also for the company’s international orientation in respect to our corporate success factors innovation, commitment and reliability”, states Michael Aschaber, Managing Director of STEYR MOTORS GmbH.



In 2001, the Austrian engine designer and manufacturer specialized in high-performance diesel engines with best power-to-weight ratio and customized solutions according to specific demands. Since 2008, a strong emphasis is also on future-oriented hybrid and solely electrical power systems. Today, STEYR MOTORS is more successful than ever – the good reputation and the global demand for its products resulted in a remarkable corporate growth: during the last five years turnover and headcount doubled. The positive development of STEYR MOTORS led to a significant company expansion finished in the summer 2015. The expansion comprised about 3600 sqm (38,750 sq ft) of additional space for engineering, logistics and production, as well as approximately 500 sqm (5400 sq ft) of additional office space. The state-of-the-art innovation center now further strengthens STEYR MOTORS’ position as an international engineering specialist for innovative power trains and engines for the use at land and sea.

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