Playful interaction with technology

Photo credit Kainrath

In line with the thesis (early) practice makes perfect, STEYR MOTORS participated in an educational project for kids together with other local companies and schools in order to support the comprehension of technical relations at an early age. The so-called “Steyr Machine” captured the children’s curiosity at the kindergarten of the High School for Elementary Education in Steyr (BAfEP) right from the start. Officially handed over on January 12th, the children can now easily discover the world of technology for themselves in a playful way.


The Steyr Machine consists of three components: a ceramic roller bearing from SKF Steyr, a transmission from ZF Steyr and an engine part provided by STEYR MOTORS. These components were modified and specifically prepared to make them perceptible and comprehensible for children while also eliminating the risk of injury. The bearing can be removed, the transmission can be retooled and the constellation of piston and camshaft can be changed. The concept was developed corresponding to children’s requirements by the BAfEP Steyr, whereas the Engineering High School (HTL) of Steyr took care of the safe realization of the Steyr Machine.


The aim of this project was to raise the interest of children for technics and engineering already at an early age, to educate future kindergarten teachers accordingly and to fight the lack of skilled workforce by supporting future talents. The initiator and CEO of TIC Steyr, Walter Ortner, is already considering equipping further schools and kindergartens with the Steyr Machine as well as extending the concept with further components. STEYR MOTORS is equally committed to inspiring, encouraging and supporting the next generation in respect of technical careers.


Photo credit: Kainrath

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