Passion meets Innovation

Inauguration of the expanded company premises by CEO Michael Aschaber and the guests of honor

Since June 2014, the Austrian manufacturer of high-power diesel engines STEYR MOTORS has invested approximately 18 million Euros in the expansion of the engineering and production facility for marine, vehicle, and industrial engines. The course toward future-oriented new engines and propulsion technology has thus been set.

At the grand opening on May 28, 2015 under the motto “Passion meets Innovation,” the expanded corporate headquarters were presented and inaugurated with 200 local and international guests in attendance. During the course of the evening, management was officially transferred from the STEYR MOTORS company founders to Dipl.-Ing. Michael Aschaber – a festive start for an even more productive and innovative future in engine manufacturing!


The company history of the engine specialist STEYR MOTORS reaches far back. The origins can already be found in the Steyr-Daimler-Puch Group and thus goes back more than 150 years. During the divestment of many subsections, the engine sector of the Steyr-Daimler-Puch corporation went to Magna, and due to a management buyout in 2001, the special sector monoblock diesel engines became an independent company, STEYR MOTORS GmbH. Today, the manufacturer of high-power diesel engines and hybrid propulsion solutions is a successful international player in the sectors marine, special vehicles, and industry.

The robustness, power density, and cost-efficiency of the engines manufactured at STEYR MOTORS are the secret recipe for its international success. High quality standards, innovative strength, and reliability further support the expansion of international relations and thus ensure a constantly high export rate of approximately 99 percent annually (particularly Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia). Customer-specific engineering additionally sets the Austrian company apart from international concerns which are only able to offer inflexible standard solutions.

Engine manufacturing in a new dimension

The passion for innovative incentives is met with lively demand. This is also illustrated by the personnel growth at STEYR MOTORS – since 2010, the number of employees has doubled. The good reputation of the company not only attracts international customers but also investors. In 2012, the Chinese investor group Phoenix Tree Capital (HSC), acquired the shares of the company founders of STEYR MOTORS in order to generate continent-spanning synergies. However, this did not involve a stereotypical copying and migrating, but, if anything, the expansion of the engineering and innovation center in Steyr as the technological heart of the company with international subsidiaries.

About 18 million Euros went into the company expansion at the Upper Austrian headquarters which commenced in June 2014. Less than a year later, the expanded company premises were presented to the domestic as well as international partners and customers within the course of a grand opening on May 28, 2015. Among the guests of honor were head of economics in the Upper Austrian state parliament, Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl, MBA, as well as Ulrike Schwarz, member of the Upper Austrian state parliament, Dipl.-Ing. Günter Rübig, member of the Federal Economic Chamber, and the mayor of Steyr, Gerald Hackl. During short, open rounds of talks, STEYR MOTORS management and the guests of honor conversed about the challenges and future visions of the domestic economy in general, but also about the industry and the company in particular. In addition, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) acknowledged the investments and accomplishments of the company for the development of the location Upper Austria and thus for the entire Austrian economy with a certificate of thanks and recognition which was presented by KommR Dipl.-Ing. Günter Rübig (in place of WKÖ President Dr. Christoph Leitl) during the festive opening. The event was rounded off with behind-the-scenes tours through the expanded plant, including a tour of the production and test blocks as well as a diverse entertainment program and room for interesting talks and discussions for the approximately 200 international customers, distributors, retailers, and development partners.

Well-equipped for the future

The expansion at STEYR MOTORS created some 3600 sqm of additional engineering, production, and logistics space due to the addition of a further, even bigger industrial hall. Furthermore, approximately 500 sqm of additional office space was created with the addition of a complete new floor in the office wing. A significant increase in engineering capacity was achieved with a new and bigger area for the prototype construction as well as additional, state-of-the-art test benches for diesel and gas engines, common rail engines, acoustics measurements, swirl port measurements, and even more precise emission measurements. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that the electric energy generated by means of the test benches is fed into the power supply system, and the accumulated thermal energy is used for heating the building. The production capacities were also increased in the course of the expansion and a new office set up for quality assurance in order to continue to meet the high standards in the future and to further expand the role as worldwide specialist for diesel engines and hybrid propulsion.

During the expansion, STEYR MOTORS also placed importance on the implementation of new safety standards for fire detection and extinguishing technology as well as the integration of new computer and media technology. The company’s office building received a new entrance area in the style of “chaotic half-timbered architecture” with open meeting zones and modern waiting areas. A new dining room with kitchen (approximately 100 sqm) allowed STEYR MOTORS to also introduce a lunch order system for the staff. These expansion measures are not only based on the company’s significant growth in the past but also take into account future developments.


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