Nicholas Gilley at the Cowes Torquay Cowes 2013 Race

The race this year was split in two, 90 miles race to Torquay and the return 104 miles back to Cowes. Nick Gilley and his team ran down in almost flat conditions, just enough swell to make it annoying, trimmed to be loose and fast left it porpoising and nodding, and a tiny dab of in-trim, stopped the poor pitch behavior, but then it put and lost a few mhp. Anyway, they beat all three D boats into Torquay, the Boss by about a mile, and the Scorps by about 3 miles. On the return it was clear that the sea was a little livelier with the Westerly breeze pushing up a bit of a following sea as they left the shelter of torbay. After a mess they ran perfectly all the way back to Cowes. In the end they were 1st in class and 8th overall and moreover got the award for the Best Presented Boat! SMO congratulates Nick Gilley and his team on this new success!

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