Fostering the computer literacy of the next generation

Huge interest and great pleasure during the installation of the work stations donated by STEYR MOTORS

Aschach’s Mayor Hubert Kern and Principal Rosina Wührer of the elementary school of Aschach/Steyr were pleased when accepting the donation of three computers from Michael Aschaber, Managing Director of STEYR MOTORS. The computer-aided work stations in the classrooms enable the teachers to integrate computer literacy into the education of the children at an early stage to learn the proper use of this technology.

Our children get in touch with new technologies almost from the cradle. Therefore, it is important to inform the kids about the possibilities but also the risks of these technologies as soon as they really start working with it. Only by fostering computer literacy in time, which means ever earlier nowadays, a conscientious use of new technologies will be achieved. However, the educational system and its support schemes can barely keep pace with the rapid technological development and thus the necessary funds and possibilities for a modern education are mostly missing.

At the same time, the fast technological progress requires companies to regularly update and upgrade its equipment. Computers and other technical work appliances are often substituted when new software is released and the requirements for an update are not met – or when the computer gets slow after the update. The equipment is thrown away though it could still be used a lot longer for other purposes.

STEYR MOTORS questions this procedure and took a look at its own potential for improvement, especially in terms of sustainability. State-of-the-art technical equipment is of utmost importance in the field of engineering. This means that the work stations of engineers are normally well-maintained high-end computers that exceed by far the typical user’s requirements. Whenever such a work station has to be substituted although it is still working perfectly in other fields of application, STEYR MOTORS decided to donate the equipment for schools in the future.

The first donation comprised three computers of CAD technicians, which had been enhanced with new RAMs and then given to the elementary school of Aschach/Steyr including new monitors, keyboards and mouses. Michael Aschaber, Managing Director of STEYR MOTORS, personally handed over the equipment to Mayor Hubert Kern and School Principal Rosina Wührer. The work stations were installed in a first, third and fourth grade on the same day by an IT technician of STEYR MOTORS. The children were delighted and immediately surrounded the visitors to ask about the new equipment, proving their high interest in the technology upgrade of their classes.

The success of this donation confirmed the decision and this kind of support will not remain an isolated event. In the future, STEYR MOTORS’ employees can suggest who shall receive the next donation to continue to use equipment in pristine condition sustainably if it just does not fit the high requirements at work anymore. “We hope to inspire other companies, too”, states Michael Aschaber. Giving children a better understanding of technical subjects is important to Mr Aschaber in general. Therefore, STEYR MOTORS supports different projects that present technical contents in an appropriate way for children and adolescents to understand. From the company's view, with the right guidance and information it is possible to not only educate them but also to foster their interest and talents while likewise reducing barriers and restraints.

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