A new era starts at STEYR MOTORS

During the course of the grand opening, the handover of the company's management from Ing. Rudolf Mandorfer to Dipl.-Ing. Michael Aschaber came to a special conclusion

STEYR – July 1, 2015. The Austrian specialist for high-power diesel and diesel-electric engines STEYR MOTORS starts into a new era – with a newly expanded engineering and innovation center at the headquarters in Steyr/Austria and a new CEO. During the course of the inauguration week of the extended company premises at the end of May 2015, the transfer of STEYR MOTORS’ management from the STEYR MOTORS company founders to Dipl.-Ing. Michael Aschaber, former CTO, was officially concluded. 


After announcing his upcoming retirement in January 2015, the former CEO and STEYR MOTORS founder Rudolf Mandorfer concluded his farewell from the company during the course of the grand opening of the expanded headquarters in Austria. Rudolf Mandorfer has successfully supervised and built up STEYR MOTORS since its launch in 2001. The vision of a reliable and innovative engine manufacturer was the impetus for the management buyout and thus the beginning for an internationally successful company. At the time, a team of about 35 employees laid the foundation for the remarkable development of the Austrian engine manufacturer. Today, approximately 200 employees are behind the products of STEYR MOTORS, with the number of employees having doubled since 2010 – a success story which rightly fills Rudolf Mandorfer with pride.

Initially, Mr. Mandorfer’s decision to leave the company came as a surprise to many longstanding partners, but the underlying motive is easily comprehensible – today, the company is more successful than ever before, and a strong team for future innovative strength works every day on the pursuit of the company strategy. Rudolf Mandorfer has thus achieved his personal goal and now wants to devote himself to another dream: enjoying the world of sailing and fishing to the fullest.

As a result, management was handed over step by step starting from the beginning of the year into the experienced hands of Dipl.-Ing. Michael Aschaber, former CTO of STEYR MOTORS who has already actively helped shaping strategy and success of the company for some time. The change in management breathes new life into the company but will not change the company’s focus and values. The success of the past has shown that passion in engine manufacturing has perfect roots in Steyr. Under the competent leadership of Michael Aschaber, this passion will continue to generate new, innovative products and is therefore a guarantee for the successful future of STEYR MOTORS.


Please find the full text of the press release below in the pdf file as well as some photos for your usage.

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