A masterpiece of engine design: STEYR MOTORS SEC 4-cylinder

The new SEC 4-cylinder from STEYR MOTORS is individually designed for customers.

The new SEC 4-cylinder with its distinctive design marks a seminal step in the STEYR MOTORS engine family. This is the first time that an enhanced common rail injection system has been used for a monoblock marine engine, a development that boosts performance as well as efficiency thus reducing fuel emissions. The engine is celebrating its premiere today at the METSTRADE marine equipment show in Amsterdam.

With its new SEC 4-cylinder engine series, system solution specialist STEYR MOTORS - a pioneer in the monoblock engine segment - drives engineering advances in the marine sector. The essential benefits, on the one hand, include the compact design, and power-to-weight ratio, but also the long service life and operational reliability of the monoblock engine. On the other, by ensuring greater efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, as well as lower emissions the common rail fuel injection technology will sustainably assert the SEC 4-cylinder engine's position in the market.

Notable improvements regarding the efficiency of the combustion process – one major aspect of STEYR MOTORS' development work to meet future emission regulations – will drive investment in common rail technology while at the same time facilitating the current balancing act between power and emissions. On top of this, the new engine series impresses with service quality, ease of maintenance and advanced functionality. Moreover, based on a variety of options and system solutions, the engine can be designed to suit STEYR MOTORS’ customers’ individual requirements. The company from Steyr, Austria, is initially launching four different basic models of the SEC 4-cylinder engine series – from 59 to 129 kW. In the future, IoT solutions, which the company is currently developing in the form of a new service tool, will also play a decisive role. Detailed information on the installed engine is provided, thus, preventing the drive system from serious damage thanks to condition monitoring, identifying maintenance requirements at an early stage, simplifying and shortening maintenance services, and optimizing engine development.

A marine engine with a state-of-art design

Rarely marine engines have such a high recognition value like the STEYR MOTORS SEC 4-cylinder. Its modern design idiom was created by the Aberjung design agency.
"The objective was to give our product family a self-confident, dynamic and premium design idiom and ensure that the individual engines have a new look that stands the test of time. This impression is reinforced by both the silver-and-red color scheme, for which STEYR MOTORS is well-known, and their external shape. This was a task that Aberjung fulfilled most impressively", says Dipl. Ing. Michael Aschaber, Managing Director of STEYR MOTORS.

Design drives sales
The SEC 4-cylinder is well conceived regarding engineering and design. Both focal points were essential requirements in product engineering and were sustainably implemented in the new generation of engines. For the company it is becoming increasingly decisive to reconcile functionality and aesthetic appeal. While the robust and proven technology of the monoblock engine gives customers the assurance they need, the innovative common rail system stands for forward-looking engineering. Styling and customization options boost its perceived value and ap-peal to the customer's emotions. Some designs have become classics in the course of history, and this is the intent with the SEC 4-cylinder.
For DI (FH) Christoph Aschaber from the Aberjung design agency, product design is turning into a major sales motivator. "Styling is playing an increasingly important role, also for capital goods – such as the STEYR MOTORS engines. The underlying idea is to not only generate visual appeal but, even more importantly, to support the product's functionality. Also, the various covers add a certain calmness and provide a focal point for the composition driven by technical requirements.

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