STEYR MOTORS supports the new master’s degree Automotive Mechatronics and Management

Well-qualified engineers who can combine complex individual components into innovative mechatronic systems with improved or completely new functions whilst at the same time thinking and acting in market- and business-oriented ways are of great importance for engineering companies and will be a key factor for a company’s future success. Therefore, the School of Engineering in Wels/Austria – part of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria network – established a brand-new master’s degree program (four semesters) with a special focus on automotive mechatronics in combination with academic training in economics and management.

The program Automotive Mechatronics and Management (AMM) is limited to 15 students per year due to its integrated and practical courses paired with a close cooperation with selected industry partners. STEYR MOTORS is one of these partners and, as such, takes over the responsibility of training students in-house during part-time work and selected projects. We look forward to welcoming the first AMM student in Steyr on Monday, September 4!

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