Training Centre

We offer our Dealers and Distributors technical training courses throughout the year, either at our factory or at one of our global training facilities.

Our training facilities are equipped with the latest technology of our product to provide cutting edge information.

We offer tailored courses for those who wish more in depth information in a particular area, in our standard 3 day course the participants will be trained on the following:

- Mechanical strip down and rebuild of our unique Monoblock based engines

- In depth maintenance work and engine setup practical

- Full run down of engine schematics detailing acute areas on all fluid and air systems.

- Explanation of electrical / electronic circuits

- Engine setup, monitoring and trouble shooting, practical use of the STEYR unique diagnostic software package

- Basic engine selection and out drive selection

- Up and coming products and future developments

- Repair and maintenance schedule

- Distributor and dealer network worldwide

Training courses must be prearranged, for a maximum of 8 participants, through your local Dealer or Distributor or the following contact:

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