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STEYR MOTORS North America Inc. is part of the STEYR MOTORS GmbH situated in Austria. The US-subsidiary is managed by Rich Alley and his team who are experts coming from different fields around the Marine business.

STEYR MOTORS GmbH is the specialist for Diesel Engines out of the earlier Steyr-Daimler-Puch group of companies. Decades of Engine Engineering and Production of Diesel engines for all kind of commercial & military vehicles resulted in the development of the STEYR M1- ("Monoblock") engine family. Our products are highly specialised in regard of operational safety, environmental protection, power density and cost effectiveness. Best skilled Engineers in Engineering, Quality Assurance and Production are guarantees for customer's satisfaction and worldwide success with our products.

STEYR Diesel engines are a synonym for most modern technologies, carefully engineered and manufactured as a typical representative of Austria's worldwide image for Engine Engineering & Technology.

The introduction of the STEYR MOTORS HYBRID in 2008 marked a new chapter in the history of maritime propulsion systems and received several internationally renowned awards.


1922 First Monoblock engine from STEYR ( Type II )

1990 Foundation of STEYR Motorentechnik GmbH

1991 Start of M1- Marine Diesels ( OMC COBRA DIESEL ),       first electronically controlled Marine Diesel

1993 Marketing start " STEYR Marine Diesel"

1996 NATO- homologation for the STEYR M16TCA ( HD )

1998 Homologation according "SOLAS"

2001 Independent STEYR MOTORS GmbH

2003 Relocation to new production and development facilities in Steyr city

2006 Foundation of STEYR MOTORS North America Inc.

2008 Launch of worldwide first "parallel" HYBRID propulsion system

2010 Launch of the "serial" HYBRID propulsion system

Serial Hybrid and Hybrid Propulsion System by Steyr Motors Marine
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