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There is one man in the UK, who loves boot racing more than most others – Nick Gilley. In 2007 he decided to use Steyr Marine MO256 engines for a race boat that he had not yet built.  He takes part in Offshore Endurance racing which is the real Boating Race Class where the whole package – including driver, throttle man, boat and engines are used under the worst conditions.

The first race for the new boat and engine partnership was Round Britain 2008 which started in Portsmouth and went clock-wise back to Portsmouth – a most challenging 10 days which included 8 days of racing and 2 rest days – a real trial for the boatmen and machine! In total, 47 boats took part in the race with 10 boats being in the same Class as Nick and his co-driver Jon. They finished 2nd in their class which was a very remarkable result after 1,400 miles of racing in this brand new construction with Steyr Motors marine engines.

The final 2010 UIM Marathon World Cup result combining the 2 places gave Nick an incredible 4th place overall. Nick was outperforming most boats of the higher classes, and the only Diesel-powered boat ahead him was powered by 4x 600 HP Race Diesels. The pair of serial Steyr Motors MO306 engines has shown an incredible performance and reliability and the overall 4th place in competition against top famous race boats was finally an unbelievable achievement. Steyr Motors is very proud to have joined this success!

That Nick's success is not a one-time-story has been proven in 2011 when Gilley and Fuller raced to the 1st place in their class (E) and the 4th place overall in the Cowes Torqay Powerboat race! Gratulation to our favourite racing team!

We are especially proud to announce the ultimate success of Nick and his team in 2011: Nick raced to a new record and now holds the worldwide record in the Offshore Marathon E-class with 74.52mph - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Steyr Motors is proud to supply the engine power to the power of Nick & his team, and we will do our best to help to keep the record and even top it (if this is possible)!


Results from 2008
Round Britain                              2nd in Class
Cowes-Torquay-Cowes (C-T-C)  1st in Class

Results from 2009
South Coast Marathon                1st in Class

In 2010, Nick changed the engines to 2 x STEYR MO306H43

2010 UIM Marathon World Cup comprised of 2 heats:
Cowes 100 (100 miles)                 1st in Class and 7th overall
Cowes-Torquay-Cowes                 1st in Class and 8th overall
2 heats combined                          1st in Class and 4th overall


Cowes Torqay Powerboat race 2011:

1st in class and 4th overall


RYA Powerboat Racing Award 2011:

World & National Offshore Marathon E Record holder with 74.52mph


The Team

Nick Gilley – driver
John Fuller – throttle man

Profile – Nick Gilley:
Nick was born on 21st September 1964 in Maidstone, UK, and is married to Debbie. They have 2 children aged 12 and 13 years. He is a member of Drivers’ Powerboat Club based in Southampton. He lived in a boat on the River Thames from the age of 7 when he got his first boat.  When 8 years old he got an outboard engine for his boat. He is a privateer with his company, Swipewipes, helping to fund his racing.  He started racing in 1992.

Profile – Jon Fuller:
Jon was born on 15th September 1963 in Shepperton, UK, and is married to Angela.  He is a member of Drivers’ Powerboat Club based in Southampton. He was born in a house on the banks of the River Thames, got his first boat at  a very young age and has driven boats from about the age of 8 years. Jon runs a website for performance boats called “boatmad.com”. He started racing in 1991.


The Boat:

Built:                          Church Crookham, UK

Builder:                      XS-IF Marine

Hull Design:             Steve Baker/PHANTOM

Deck Design:           Nick Gilley

Construction:           Kevlar Composite

Model:                        XS-IF Endurance 32

Length:                      9.7M

Beam:                        2.13M

Weight:                       2600 kg

Engines:                    2 x STEYR MO306H43

Transmission:          Mercury Bravo I XR/ITS

Max Speed:                68 mph

Range:                        300 miles

Race Class:              Marathon Class E

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