Gold Coast Yachts, GC42C; STEYR MOTORS Marine Parallel Hybrid engine

The STEYR HDS - Hybrid Drive System

In 2008, STEYR MOTORS introduced the world's first hybrid drive system for small to medium-sized pleasure and work boats - the STEYR HDS. Since the very successful launch of this hybrid propulsion system, it has been further developed and enhanced to fulfill highest demands in commercial and leisure boating. Decades of experience in the marine sector combined with the mission to supply efficient diesel and diesel-electric solutions to the industry ensure trendsetting technologies for the future. Among these innovative solutions will also be the next generation of the STEYR HDS with a brand-new e-machine



  • - Power output: 7 kW at 48 V (56 V charging)
  • - Hybrid unit weight: 75 kg (excl. batteries)
  • - Additional length: 100 mm
  • - 4 operational modes



  • - Environmentally friendly technology
  • - Emission reduction
  • - Improved fuel economy
  • - Noiseless driving in e-mode
  • - More efficient operation in boost mode
  • - Enhanced comfort on board
  • - Access right to many nature preserves and refuges in e-mode
  • - Dynamic performance advantages during acceleration
  • - Additional propulsion unit for maneuvering in case one system fails


In Starter Mode, the combustion engine can be started with the electric motor. The conventional starter motor can be eliminated or will remain as a redundant solution.


In Generator Mode, the extended battery pack is optimised and charged.


In Electric Cruise Mode, the boat is driven purely by the electric motor.  The battery pack is constantly monitored on its state of charge and battery condition. This is brought to the attention of the driver through the STEYR CONTROL CENTER (SCC).


In the lower speed range, depending on dynamic requirements of the driver and the battery condition, the Boost Mode is used and the combustion engine is then supported by the torque of the electric motor. The e-machine supports the coupling and decoupling of the combustion engine. An improved response of the drive unit occurs through the boost mode.

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