STEYR MOTORS SCI engine integrated in an offroad powertrain; AMPV Vehicle Germany powered by STEYR MOTORS SCI engine


Challenging Marine and Military power trains require a consequent development of each component as well as the entire interaction of the components to an overall best performing product.

Today's technical complexity of combustion engines, electric machines, batteries, several control systems and transmissions is demanding a big background but also deep and detailed knowledge during development.

STEYR MOTORS offers on one side the development of Diesel engines including their cooling, exhaust after-treatment, control system and on the other side the production of the developed engines. Apart from that we support you with our best knowledge in layout and control design of the entire power pack including the above mentioned subsystems.

The interaction optimization from simple transmissions with the Diesel engine up to complex power packs like "Diesel-Electric and  Hybrids" result in efficient, silent and low emission products for multi purpose use.

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