STEYR MOTORS Production Line; STEYR MOTORS Production Line mounting water line

Production and Inspection


Our Quality Management is your guarantee that every engine to leave our factory fulfils the promised power values and highest quality criteria. Since 2003 we have been developing and producing in our newly established factory in Steyr city, there we have a highly modern outfit of machines, production units and test benches. Cutting-edge hardware and software are employed in all areas within Steyr Motors Betriebs GmbH from development to production and final inspection. All of our employees have the necessary background for skilled, professional operation of our high-technology production units.



In all phases of production our engines are monitored for quality, power and environmental soundness according to standardized test procedures. This begins with the inspection of incoming materials, the components are produced, tested and supplied by certified suppliers according to contractual specification. The quality assurance continues throughout all production steps. At Steyr Motors Betriebs GmbH, we have the latest testing and measuring equipment to perform this. Our specialists in this area pay meticulous attention to the highest measurement precision and fulfilment of prevailing regulations. We want to reward your trust, thus we make every effort to continue to improve our certified Quality Management. We also accept and appreciate feedback as part of our optimization system.

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