NEOMAN Trolleybus Modena powered by a STEYR MOTORS 6-Cylinder TCI engine

M16 UI - 6-cylinder unit injection engines

The M16 UI is the star of our product portfolio due to its vast field of application and its well-developed concept facilitating adaptions to customize the unit injection engine for individual requirements. The 6-cylinder diesel engine is available in several basic models with a wide variety of engine components and options such as oil sumps, front-end accessory drives and transmission flanges.

The M16 UI has been selected by many international manufacturers of medium-duty vehicles, light-protected military vehicles and special purpose aggregates. The base engine design of Steyr Motors Betriebs has a similar form factor across a wide power range and therefore is perfectly applicable in fleet logistics, ensuring lean logistic practices due to a variety of models with many interchangeable parts.



  • - Direct injection Diesel engines
  • - 4-stroke, turbocharged
  • - 3.2 lt displacement
  • - 85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke
  • - Rated power: 135-225 kW
  • - Torque: up to 680 Nm @ 2000 rpm
  • - Dry weight: 255-280 kg
  • - 4 basic models, distinguished by power, torque and charging system
  • - Perfectly suited for customizing to your specific requirements



  • - Monoblock design with excellent water cooling
  • - Sequential charging or single-stage intercooled charging
  • - Direct intercooling
  • - Operational temperature range from -32 °C to +49 °C
  • - Multifuel capable: F-34/F-35/F-54/F-63/F-65/JP-8/JET A1/EN 590
  • - Remarkable power-to-weight ratio, compact design
  • - High robustness and durability
  • - Outstanding performance, even in high altitudes
M16 UI (6-cylinder unit injection engines) Leaflet by STEYR MOTORS
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