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M14 UI - 4-cylinder unit injection engines

The 4-cylinder diesel engine with unit injection system is designed for challenging ambient conditions. The M14 UI is particularly robust and enduring while also being lightweight with a respectively high power output. Due to the Monoblock basis, the product features high reliability and an excellent cooling behavior. The operational temperature range of the engine's standard version starts at -32 °C and goes up to +49 °C. Another important asset is the multifuel capability, enabling the use of various types of fuel including military fuels.

The M14 UI is perfectly suited for powering light applications such as special land or amphibious vehicles due to its compact size and reliability in tough environments. A range of models is available for our customer's use as provided or as base models for customizing to individual requirements.



  • - Direct injection Diesel engines
  • - 4-stroke, turbocharged, intercooled
  • - 2.1 lt displacement
  • - 85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke
  • - Rated power: 95-120 kW
  • - Torque: up to 340 Nm @ 1800 rpm
  • - Dry weight: 180-240 kg
  • - 3 basic models, distinguished by power and torque
  • - Perfectly suited for customizing to your specific requirements



  • - Monoblock design with excellent water cooling
  • - Variable turbocharger, intercooled
  • - Operational temperature range from -32 °C to +49 °C
  • - Multifuel capable: F-34/F-35/F-54/F-63/F-65/JP-8/JET A1/EN 590
  • - High ICE efficiency for higher range and/or lower fuel consumption
  • - Small packaging dimensions, low weight
  • - High robustness and durability
  • - Outstanding performance
M14 UI (4-Cylinder Diesel Engine) Leaflet by STEYR MOTORS
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