Vehicle Panhard VBL powered by a STEYR MOTORS 4-Cylinder TCI Engine

Diesel Engine 4 cylinder (2100 cm³) M14

Engine TypeM14 TCIM14 VTIM14 VTI
Displacement (cm³)2,12,12,1
Bore (mm)/Stroke (mm)85/9485/9485/94
Combustion systemdirect injection diesel enginedirect injection diesel enginedirect injection diesel engine
Injection controlelectronicelectronicelectronic
Charge systemturbocharged with aftercoolerturbocharged with aftercoolerturbocharged with aftercooler
Rated power [kW]8195110
Rated speed [rpm]380038003800
Max. torque [Nm] at250/2050295/1800320/1800
Specific fuel cons. [g/kwh]]208208204
Exhaust emissionEuro III/IV/VEURO III/IV/VEuro III/IV/V
Weight (kg)180 (w/o mass balancing system)180 (w/o mass balancing system)180 (w/o mass balancing system)
Generator14V or 28V / 65 -100A14V or 28V / 65-100A14V or 28V / 65 -100A
Vacuum pumpoptionoptionoption
Starter motor12V or 24V/2.0kW12V or 24V/2.0kW12V or 24V/2.0kW
Fuel feed pumpelectricalelectricalelectrical
A/C compressoroptionoptionoption
Power steering pumpoptionoptionoption
Air compressor
Auxilary poly-V-drivestandardstandardstandard
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