NEOMAN Trolleybus Modena powered by a STEYR MOTORS 6-Cylinder TCI engine

M16 CR - 6-cylinder common rail engines


The M16 CR demonstrates that efficiency and compact size can go hand in hand with robustness and power. The Monoblock is the proven basis and key when it comes to the engine's durability and power-to-weight ratio. Especially designed for STEYR MOTORS, the Common Rail injection (CR) maintains the engine's impressive durability and even provides selected multifuel capability. Supreme fuel efficiency and smooth operation are the most striking characteristics of the M16CR. The oil-lubricated fuel pump is a particular highlight, allowing operation with varying fuel qualities, while additionally enhancing the maintenance process.

The 6-cylinder series offers a vast potential for variation, including surrounding housings, manifolds and auxiliaries. The M16 CR is available with single or sequential charging systems and direct intercooling along with many variations for oil sumps, front-end accessory drives, and transmission flanges.



  • -  Direct injection Diesel engine
  • -  Advanced Common Rail technology
  • -  85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke
  • -  3.2 lt displacement
  • -  Rated power: 160 - 225 kW
  • -  Torque: up to 680 Nm @ 2050 rpm
  • -  Dry weight: 275 kg



  • -  Lightweight Monoblock design with excellent water cooling
  • -  Advanced Common Rail technology for higher efficiency and enhanced NVH
  • -  Oil lubricated fuel pump operates even with varying fuel qualities
  • -  Dry exchangeable injectors for easy maintenance



M16 Common Rail
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