NEOMAN Trolleybus Modena powered by a STEYR MOTORS 6-Cylinder TCI engine

M14 CR - 4-cylinder common rail engines

The M14 CR is the Common Rail version of STEYR MOTORS' 4-cylinder diesel engine. The underlying Monoblock design ensures reliability and durability with best cooling behavior. Smooth operation and fuel efficiency were further improved with the engine's advanced Common Rail technology. Moreover, it features a reamarkable robustness due to its components maintained from the original M14 heavy duty applications. The operational temperature range of the Common Rail 4-cylinder engine starts at -25 °C and goes up to +39 °C.

The compact and powerful M14 CR is a great solution for powering passenger cars and other light commercial vehicles with a total gross weight of up to 3.5 tons. This weight limit can be further increased by combining the engine with a hybrid driveline.

  • - Direct injection Diesel engine
  • - Advanced Common Rail technology
  • - 85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke
  • - 2.1 lt displacement
  • - Rated power: 110 kW
  • - Torque up to 320 Nm @ 1800 rpm
  • - Dry weight: 220 kg


  • - Lightweight Monoblock design with excellent water cooling
  • - Improved efficiency for higher range and/or lower fuel consumption
  • - Enhanced performance, highest robustness and durability
  • - Smooth operation

M14 Common Rail by STEYR MOTORS
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