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M12 CR - 2-cylinder common rail engines

M12 CR (2-cylinder common rail engine) by STEYR MOTORS


The common rail version of the 2-cylinder diesel engine (M12 CR) inherited the striking characteristics of the M12 UI, but in addition has been particularly optimized to run the new STEYR MOTORS E-machine.

Based on the proven Monoblock design, this horizontal parallel twin features direct common rail injection, a mass balancing system for smooth operation and an intercooler for fuel efficiency and low emission usage. The M12 CR is turbocharged (single stage, wastegate) and provides 40 kW mechanical output.

Besides the combination with the brand-new STEYR E1, it is also possible to run other DC and AC generators, hydraulic pumps, CVT transmissions and more. The M12 CR is an ideal enhancement for electric-driven vehicles, for example by applying it as a range extender.



A unique way of application for the M12 CR is the assembly of the engine, E-machine, after treatment system, radiators, fans and all peripheral components within a frame including acoustic insulation. The resulting set is an outstanding, compact and lightweight assembly that is fully equipped for powering various applications while in addition being more easily transportable than the common heavier and sturdier solutions.

Moreover, the diesel-electric power pack enables a weight reduction if the power unit is not needed and temporarily removed. Consequently, this leads to a reduction of service costs due to extended service intervals and overhaul periods in comparison with other diesel solutions.



  • - Direct injection Diesel engine
  • - Advanced common rail technology
  • - 1.06 lt displacement
  • - Rated power: 40 kW @ 3200 rpm
  • - Torque: up to 140 Nm @ 2200 rpm
  • - Dry weight: 90 kg
  • - Perfectly suited for the use as auxiliary power unit (APU)



  • - Proven, robust Monoblock design
  • - Parallel twin DI diesel engine
  • - Common rail technology
  • - 40 kW mechanical output
  • - Fully mass balanced
  • - Small, lightweight and fuel efficient
  • - Optimized to run the new STEYR E1
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